Our Story

Richa Sharma Label is built on sheer passion and hardwork of Richa Sharma, an IT Engineer turned Bridal Couture Designer.
The brand is born out of a humble idea of up-cycling a silk bridal outfit into a tailored blazer set. Her passion to design beautiful attires has lead her to start her own RTW label wherein she aims to uplift fashion's take on environmental sustainability with her creativity.
She is a lover of nature and keen observer of the environment around her. Her inspiration and influence by nature is reflected in the designs and prints of the brand's signature collection.
Apart from strong aesthetics and timeless classic wear the brand is known for its unique style. 
The aim of our label is to offer ethical and timeless fashion by presenting environmentally conscious alternatives in fabrics tailored to timeless statement pieces and utilising every bit of fabric used in the production, asserting kindness to action for the environment.
With gratitude in heart, and a zeal to minimise the impact of fashion on our planet and people, we are up for a newer journey of passion, creativity and focus. Stay tuned for more surprises!