Fashion & Style

Collaboration in this age of millennials are a way to tell a story in a different manner. Here’s our story with RecommendAsian, a brand known to help find great businesses for living an Asian Lifestyle. We collaborated with RecommendAsian to give a common platform to fashion fanatics from all walks of life and gathered innumerable memories to treasure. 
The Shoot
The shoot organised by RecommendAsian as a part of this collaboration involved different talents, and entrepreneurs, wherein Richa got the space as their fashion partner and had the opportunity to dress up the models in our latest collection. 
In this day and age, fashion industry is going through a myriad of disruptions that lead to constant evolvement, which is a good news indeed, but still challenging. Why challenging? Because yet there are gaps between the ramp, the market and media that come as hurdles for the industry, especially the growing talent.
We can fill these gaps with such collaborations that are meant to make fashion more organised and accessible to the world. 
With this thought we aimed at bringing a couple of businesses like clothing, jewellery, sweet delicacies, gorgeous decor and venue together and this happened. I’m so thrilled to share that WE DID IT. 
Richa Sharma Studio is so proud and thankful to have met beautiful power women and amazing talent on this journey with RecommendAsian. Hope to set a new stage soon for a brighter tomorrow of fashion buffs as well as the businesses. Here is a rare glimpse of that shoot.