Bridal Campaign 2021

The Story of a Beautiful Bride in the Couture
Designed with Love!


Being synonymous with panache and exuberance, all the dresses designed by Richa Sharma Couture ooze with elegance, especially when it comes to bridal wear. From the colours to drapes, we blend class with trends to create timeless bridal wear.

To give you a quick glimpse of our latest bridal wear collection we teamed up with Marie, a London-based fashion influencer, and Chloe and Gazelle who adorned themselves in the fine gowns and dresses from our Signature Edit. Here is a quick look of the stellar campaign, which turned out amazing with them.

Our Gorgeous Bride:

When Marie donned the Dusty Silver Satin Sequin Gown, it felt as if the time stood still and everything was perfect. Right from the flares of the gown to the way Marie carried it, if this is not what dream weddings are made of, then what’s the point?  

A glance at this wedding gown and you know this is what you want for your big day. If you look for some customizations to this kind of a bridal wear, you can trust Richa Sharma Studio blindly. We make it perfect according to your taste, style and fit.


If Black is your go-to colour and you want to wear it for your cocktail / reception, we have just the right thing for you. What you see here is a Black that immediately draws attention for all the right reasons. The Bride of our campaign, in this black gown is the perfect example of 'Elegance Personified'. 

 What sets this Black Wedding Gown apart is that it is lightweight, making it easy for the bride to carry it all-day/evening long.

The Bridesmaids Edit!



Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but that doesn't mean you can't add sunshine to your bridesmaid's dress. That's exactly what we have tried to achieve with this gorgeous yellow floral gown. The spectacular bridesmaid, Chloe, looks absolutely ravishing in the yellow hues of the dress, while the matt blueish silver layer of satin underneath resembles the sky on a clear day.

Bright colours add a touch of freshness to the vibrant event. Yes, the day belongs to the bride but the bridesmaids should also look their part.


One look at this purple gown, adorned by the gorgeous Gazelle and you know that somethings are beyond all the price tags in the world. The dark colour really brings out the sharp eyes and the prominent jawline. It creates a perfect amalgam of power and delicate elegance!

Bright colours add a touch of freshness to the vibrant event. Yes, the day belongs to the bride, but her bridesmaids should also look the part!

And just about when one thinks that's all about the Bridesmaids Wedding Dresses, we bring in another masterpiece - this beautiful, princess style pink sequin gown here that is made purely out of every romantic novel and film you've ever read and watched. This is the perfect example of how you take a classic design and make it timeless with a touch of creativity.

Embracing the Traditional Classics!

We knew that things are going to get sizzling in a blink while designing for the gorgeous bridesmaids in our campaign! The moment Chloe stepped out wearing the golden lehenga, she stole the spotlight effortlessly; the golden tulle skirt lehenga teamed with a maroon stole creates a striking appearance. 

Always on a look out for colours that create a strong and lasting impression, this golden lehenga with a dark maroon top, is the perfect example of our love for classic colour combinations. The top layer of the lehenga features fine embroidery with pearl embellishments while the layer beneath is a zari embroidered detailed chandelier net in golden background, creating a royal look. This lehenga is the perfect attire for a bridesmaid who makes heads turn with her sheer presence.

As we know that wedding is not the only day in a bride's special occasions, there are other celebratory events too, and the bride has to look ravishing in all of them. The Saree worn by Marie in this picture is an absolute Jaw Dropper. Suitable for every event before or after wedding, this saree is a must have in every bridal trousseau.

Here is our final pic - Chloe and Gazelle looking every bit gorgeous in their bridesmaids wedding dresses, the groom on the other hand charms everyone with a classic golden sherwani, a matching churidar, ethnic shoes and a royal stole in  maroon with intricate golden borders and the jaw dropping beauty, Marie looks like a dream with her enchanting aura!

The overall look of this attire is perfect for a dream wedding, what more do you want for your wedding look!

Our Bridal Wear Collection exudes luxury, craftsmanship, an eye for detail and above everything else, originality. Our designs resonate with client's requirements, helping them to look their best and happiest on their special day!